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This God-Sized Dream of Mine

Do you believe this?

I mean, REALLY believe this in the depths of your soul? Has God put a dream in your heart that you aren’t chasing because it’s scary?

I was in the same place once. I had this huge, God-sized dream that I knew I wanted to pursue, but even saying it out loud was laughable to me.

You know what? Feeling like YOU could never accomplish that dream is a good thing! Here’s why:

Realizing that you can never do this on your own forces you to put your trust in GOD instead of yourself! If God put that dream in your heart, you can bet that he will see it to completion. All you have to do is trust that he is working it out for your good and go get it!

You see, I have this dream. And it scares the daylight out of me when I try to do it on my own. I’ve questioned GOD so much along the way. I thought it was impossible and often told myself I’d never get there.

I let what other people think of me get in my way and get in my head. I told myself I wasn’t good enough and I started to believe it. But HE told me I am! HE told me it’s possible with HIM. And, oh yes, mama, I believe to the very core of my being! God put a desire, a burning passion in my heart to do what I do. And to deny that is doing a disservice to myself and the people I’m called to help.

I’m called to help moms just like me learn about these amazing essential oils and how to use them with their families. To help them see their lives transformed! And to help them along the way if they realize God put this very same dream into their hearts.

So forget the haters or what you THINK others will say. I’m not saying he is going to hand it to you, or that it will be easy. No, honey. You’re going to have to work for it still. You will struggle, you will fail. But if you keep at it you will have wins, you will succeed! And when you do, to God be the glory!

Do you want to learn more about this crazy, amazing God-sized dream of mine? Maybe it’s your dream, too? Send me a message and let’s chat!

XOXO, Aimee


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